Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is Anyone Else Going to Watch NYC Prep?

Tonight on Bravo at 9 a new show premiers called NYC Prep. It is being touted as the real life Gossip Girl. I watched the preview special and got to know a few of the characters. I will check it out tonight (if I can get it past my husband) and let you know what I think. As a true fan of Gossip Girl I am not sure that this will fill the void but there is no harm in trying. And based on the preview special one of the guys does a mean hair flip.


Anonymous said...

I've only seen the Bravo previews, but that one kid is so vile I don't think I could stomach it.

As a grad of a New England private (boarding) high school myself, I can attest to some not so nice people, but that guy seems to take the cake! Then again I went to a more low key and not-so-stuck-up school, so that might have helped me avoid such people.

I'll probably catch it later, just because it always seems to happen, but I don't think it will end up on my Tivo list. I think I mostly don't want to contribute to another "Hills" knock-off. We already have Speidi, one annoying couple is enough for me!

David Dust said...

What did you think?

I lasted about 6 minutes before I had to turn it off. There is nothing more repulsive to me than rich, entitled NYC brats. This city is full of them.


Tivo Mom said...

I have had a long crappy day and have not watched yet. I will let you both know. Later.