Sunday, June 21, 2009

Close to home - sorta

I live in Jupiter Florida which is a small town in south Florida located in Palm Beach county. The area is beautiful and on the water (what part of Florida isn't really?). Anyway there is a bar in town that is the most relaxing place on earth (normally). The bar is called Square Grouper and is located on the waterway looking out over the lighthouse in Jupiter. This is a sand bottom bar with plastic chairs and a tiki hut for the bar but I love it. I found out from a friend that a few weeks ago Kid Rock was hanging at the bar (undetected) and then decided to play a few songs for the hell of it. Alan Jackson also seems to do this every once in awhile (never when I am there by the way) and I am starting to get mad. As most of you know, I am a celebrity whore. Every time I go somewhere and think I am going to see someone famous, I don't (except Drew Carrey at the Hard Rock in Vegas but I don't really count that). However the news from this friend of mine is that we now have an in. Next time someone is coming to Square Grouper we are supposed to get a message and good lord willing (and the babysitter fairy) I will be there to stalk someone.

With that said one of the quotes this week from was from Kid Rock.
He said "What's more creative then a stripper pole on a pontoon boat?"
Kid Rock, accepting the Wide Open Country Video award for the video for his song "All Summer Long," at the CMT Music Awards

Around here that makes perfect sense.

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