Monday, June 15, 2009

No more mid 30's

Today is my birthday. I do not tell you this to have everyone wish me a Happy Birthday. I announce this because I laid awake last night wondering where the time has gone. Last week I was still in my mid-30's, 5 years ago early 30's and ten years ago late 20's. Now I am 37 (yes I admitted it) and feeling like I am on the downhill slide to 40. I know, I know 40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 40 and so on. This does not help me feel less old. Most days I can blow off my age and I still feel like my husband and i are too young to be playing house (I mean really how am I old enough to have two children that I am responsible for turning into upstanding citizens?). But on your birthday your age just knocks you over the head...literally. On another note; my children and my husband gave me the nicest gift. I got my very own notebook computer (which I am using now) to blog, tweet and stalk celebrities whenever I want. Hopefully I will not become too introspective and have a good day. Later everyone. I am going to contemplate plastic surgery.

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frogponder said...

I expect to be around to say 90 is the new 80. Many happy returns of the day!