Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Movie Scene

Check out the Popwatch Blog (here) as they discuss which father moment in a movie scene affected you the most. I really tried to think these through and I have a few that stick out....

1. Father of the Bride (no brainer) when George Bank's gives his daughter a cappachino machine and she proclaims "I could not love anything more". At this moment Steve Martin as George Banks looks like he is about to cry and it tugs my heartstrings every time.

2. Father of the Bride part 2 when George Banks (what is it about this guy) looks at the doctor who is about to deliver both his child and his grandchild and states "Doctor these women are my life". I tear up just thinking about it.

3. Rudy when Rudy's father finally makes it to the game and walks in and sees the field at Notre Dame in color (not in black and white) for the first time and states "it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen"'

I am sure that I have more (Goonies, Love Actually and more) but these above stick out in my clouded mind today. Help...what did I forget?

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