Thursday, June 25, 2009

SYTYCD - Briefly Before it Starts

It has been crazy this week and I have fallen behind in what I deem my responsibilities. I did want to weigh in on my favorites (and least favorites) last night before the elimination commenced. Oh and by the way Mary Murphy is past getting on my nerves and moved into downright hatred (or something close to it).

My top three...

1. Brandon and Jeanette did a hip hop routine so well that I forgot Brandon was a slightly effeminate contemporary dancer. It was absolutely a joy to watch and I actually watched the routine twice.

2. Evan and Randi were granted a Mia Michaels routine inspired by Randi's ass. Sounds weird I know but so impressive and well executed that i forgot about the lackluster jive routine from last week. 3. Ade and Melissa pulled the Rumba last night and executed it so well. I have to say that Ade who I knew nothing about has progressively become one of my favorites and last night he showed why.

As for the bottom three; sadly last night there was a lot to choose from. I felt like the dancing was a little weak and non-inspired. But if I had to pick my worst...

1. Phillip and Jeanine danced a Broadway number that left me wondering when we were going to actually see the real Phillip. Jeanine was not bad but Phillip was disappointing (again).

2. Karla and Jonathan, who I loved last week, were awful in the hip hop routine. The dance was boring, out of sync and in general not anything that I would want to see again.

3. Caitlin and Jason danced a Paso Doble and I was left wishing that Twitch was back for another season. I love this couple (probably because they are so pretty) but last night was another indication that pretty does not make you dance better.

So that is my short review of last night. I am sorry for being so brief. I do wonder who is going home and will be watching tonight to find out (in real time). Later!

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Anonymous said...

I agree on the bottom 3, those couples were just not that good last night and for some it was a repeat offense. Sadly, I think the Philip lovers will again vote him through and place another couple in the bottom. I really don't understand his following, how did it get so big so quickly? If they remember him from Vegas Week last year, I sure don't so I'm not sure why they are so attached to him already when he really hasn't proved himself yet.