Friday, June 19, 2009

I Am a Little Shocked (SYTYCD)

Again I will be brief. Max did not deserve to go home last night. That's it, point blank! Yes ballroom dancers have a hard time with solos (hello ballroom means two) but both of his dances have been great and have gotten wonderful feedback from the judges. Plus Kupono and Ashley were horrible in their performance and I felt that both of their solos were weak. The biggest positive for Kupono last night was that he was a "different" dancer. Who cares if your different? You have to be good. So Ashley and Max head home and now Kupono will be paired up with Kayla (who looked devastated when they announced Max's name). It will be interesting to see how that pairing plays out. Just a little mad at my show right now (and Nigel).


Nielle said...

What was with Kupono's solo??? It was so lame and boring! I can't believe the judges kept him based on that. I remember thinking wow, the ballroom solo is more exciting. Dancing to Footloose was a great choice!

I love your blog too! Glad we found each other in cyberspace to discuss our favorite show :)

polkadotoes said...

Someone else pointed something out that I thought was very true...last week they kept Asuka because they wanted to have a diverse competition with dancers who were proficient in different styles. They felt like they had enough contemporary dancers that they could loose one in order to keep their only girl ballroom/latin dancer. Yet this week they keep Kupono because he is "different" but get rid of Max even though he is their only male ballroom dancer! WTF? Total contradiction. I think that is what annoyed me the most.

I want to like Kupono so I don't completely mind that they kept him, but that fact that Max and Kayla shouldn't have been there to being with (should have been Philip and his partner but Philip has such a following already it kept him out of the bottom) and his solo was not the worst, plus the judges horrible reasoning is what makes me mad and question the decision.