Monday, June 8, 2009

Do You Remember the Movie, Heathers?

I read in a magazine this weekend that they (meaning big wigs in Hollywood) are thinking about either a remake or a sequel of the movie Heathers. Does anyone remember this movie? This was Christian Slater at his hottest with Winona Ryder as they masterminded a suicide pact for their school. I loved this movie. I don't know why. I loved the 80's clothes, the Red scrunchie that was basically the crown for the "head" Heather, and I loved the dialogue. I am not sure that this movie should or could ever be redone (Footloose anyone) but it was a classic (in my eyes). Anyone else saying these lines would never get them right....

"Heather, bulimia is so '87!"
"F@#K me gently with a chainsaw!" (I loved this one)
"Corn Nuts"
"I don't patronize bunny rabbits."
"What is your damage, Heather?"

Did I miss any? Anyway, just a heads up that a movie might be in the works. Can Hollywood not come up with anything new? Why do they have to screw with our movies?


BethTruta said...

I too loved that movie. It was macabre in a good way. The 80s nailed the high school movie. I saw the Winona Ryder was somehow involved and might be in it? Did you read that too?

Tivo Mom said...

I did read that she might be a part of it. But how? She is too old to be in high school and definitely not the mother type, right?

BethTruta said...

Who knows. Maybe a teacher-Couldn't you see her being a sympathetic theater/art teacher?

Tivo Mom said...

I guess so. Maybe?