Monday, June 8, 2009

Now that I have started....

I mentioned a few weeks ago that with summer television I might go back and start watching the Bachelorette (just as a time filler). I caught up this weekend on my Tivo (a lot of rain and no money for a sitter will do that) and was able to watch all of the back episodes of the show. Now, as with any train wreck, I am hooked and will have to see the season through.

The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris, is very cute and seems to have her wits about her. However, the bachelors she has to chose from seem cheesy and tool-like. Seriously if I hear the word "connection" one more time I think that I will scream. But yet I can't stop watching! On one of the recent episodes one of the guys (Juan, more cheesy than most) actually told her that her eyes sparkled during the sunset and he could not stop looking (OK vomit now). Of course there is drama, and some man fights (which you normally don't see as much of on the Bachelorette) but the major draw is just the pure, unadulterated idiocy of these guys.

Tonight we are supposed to find out if everyone is actually there for the "right reasons" (aka to find a life partner on television in front of millions of people) or if some of the guys may just want TV time (NO I am shocked by that). If you need a laugh, or some cheesy pick up lines, or if you want to understand why a smart, beautiful woman would put herself through this (OK wait the show won't answer that) then check it out. Bachelorette tonight on ABC!

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