Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Bachelorette - What was she thinking?

I get that Jillian needed to give Robby the boot. I mean he had no job and was only 25 (which by the way is when I got married). I also understand Tanner (Mr. Foot Fetish) going home. But I had a hard time with Jake. Let me explain. Jake's perfection would have gotten to me as well. I need someone to loosen up around me a little because I can be a goofball (as can Jillian). The issue I had was that if she knew that she did not have a "connection" (the dreaded word) with him then why did she have to kiss him?

The episode began with the men (guys) and Jillian departing on the Rocky Mountaineer ( a train) for a ride through British Columbia. I thought that the train was different (in a good way) but how in the world do you get any privacy. Anyway, the first one-on-one date was with Robby and from the beginning you just knew he was heading home. But how? Oh by leaving him on the side of the train tracks with his bags packed. Such a sad sight.

Next up was the group date with everyone else but Reid. So Kiptyn, Jake, Wes, Tanner, Michael, and Jesse all got to snowshoe and freeze with Jillian while trying to get brief moments of alone time. Jake attempted to tell Jillian how he felt about her (he completed this task the next day), Michael tried to not be too goofy and Kiptyn just grabbed her ass and hooked up with her. And Kiptyn got the rose.

I was a little shocked at how neurotic Reid seemed. Not on the slopes but later when he admitted to be freaked out by fondue. At least he admitted his idiosychrisis. Jillian like that and gave him the rose.

Meanwhile back on the train. Wes openly admitted to wanting to sell records and Tanner came clean about "girlfriend gate". Wes stated that he did not like a tattletale (I am shocked) but that he and Tanner were cool.

The rose ceremony only had one little speed bump. Jillian needed to reassure herself that Michael was ready for marriage and children, Apparently she felt that the conversation went well because Michael, Jesse and Wes each got a rose. Added to Kiptyn and Reid the remaining 5 all get hometown dates with Jillian.

One final note on Wes; at this point I think he is blatantly trying to be the "villain" to get more television time. I hate even talking about him to give him the satisfaction but I am still so shocked that Jillian does not see through him. Next week with Jake's return should be rather interesting. Later all.

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